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What is zMule?

zMule is a type of program that helps Internet users exchange different types of files: Audio, video, photos, and more. All online users of zMule can be searched quickly through the network. The advantage of this program is that there is no central server, where everything is secure. Users can also download these files from each other.

File links from these networks can enable faster downloads. And the list of loaded files contains files that the user wants. These links will help facilitate the exchange of file networks. Files that are made in different ways can also be exchanged between zMule users. Links on search engines can also direct the user to different sites on the internet. The zMule program can also work low on ID and high ID modes. If the program is working in low ID mode, then this means that the firewall on the router is blocking certain ports that zMule has used in the program. The active low ID will not be able to use these programs fully. For example, zMule will not be able to download all the files from online users.

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File types supported by zMule

Our users primarily use zMule to open these file types:

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