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The Zantaz EAS program is a solution for organizations that need to centralize management of their electronic communications as well as a smarter, space-optimizing way of storing said communications. EAS—which stands for Enterprise Archive Solution, by the way—has been recommended by Microsoft for its MS Exchange users, specifically when Exchange 2007 was released and users were debating the merits and difficulties of switching to the new version. EAS was employed then to ease the upgrade process for many users, mainly due to its archiving abilities.

One of the strongest points of the EAS is its storage optimization. It can consolidate all enterprise communication without wasting space on duplicates because its storage protocols dictate that only one particular instance of each file should be saved—although distinct instances are of course treated as non-duplicates. It also makes use of powerful compression technology to drop the space occupied by its archives—some trials have seen it dropping message storage space consumption by as much as 75% of users. EAS is also equipped with a search function, is scalable, supports legal discovery, and has a released SDK.

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Last updated: : August 5, 2014