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XVa3 Application

What is XVa3 Application?

Apteryx’s XVa3 application is actually properly named its XrayVision software. The XVa3 title comes from the version designation of the program, which is basically a professional dental x-ray imaging solution. The program works with nearly all dental sensors and imaging devices and is capable of providing a central database where all of a clinic’s images can be stored and managed. Images are saved in the native STB format, which is Apteryx’s lossless image format, but users can also choose to export their files in other image formats (most of the common ones are available, such as TIF and JPG). The program can also collect images from full-color dental cameras (whether intra- or extra-oral). Essentially, it should prove compatible with majority of dental devices due to its open-architecture, plug-and-play design: all that the user needs is a device’s driver and he is good to go.

XVa3 is also equipped with scanning capabilities, a tooth whitening simulation utility, a cosmetic imaging module, an archiving utility for keeping patient records and files organized, and Apteryx’s NameGrabber application, a solution for connecting patient information data to the file viewing application.

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