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X-Universe Plugin Manager

What is X-Universe Plugin Manager?

The X Plugin Manager is a software which is used to install plugins inside the X-Universe games. These games are mainly designed for the X3: Reunion. Users can install any of the plugins which are distributed in the SPK, Script Package, files, as well as the XSP, X Ship Packages files.

This Plugin Manager is an installer that contains several advantages against other install methods, and is used to install Mods and Scripts, as well as other new ships into the game. The program was initially designed to make it easier for users to include scripts, but has become so much more ever since. The Plugin Manager contains different features which permit scripts to do more than they can through the use of other install methods. The main one is Custom Wares. Scripts insert and modify new wares into the game. This was impossible to do before, and users had to depend on using the existing wares inside this game.

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File types supported by X-Universe Plugin Manager

Our users primarily use X-Universe Plugin Manager to open these file types:

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