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World in Conflict

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What is World in Conflict?

World in Conflict comes from Massive Entertainment and is a PC game compatible with Windows platforms. Published by Ubisoft, it featured an alternate-history plotline pitting a power-seeking Soviet Union against Western Europe and the USA. Players took the role of an army officer from the US in various missions against Soviet forces. Gameplay is largely tactical, with players required to repeatedly purchase units or reinforcements and deploy them strategically against the enemy on a particular terrain. There were some debates over whether the game was more properly considered an RTT (real time tactics) or RTS (real time strategy) game, but the developers themselves opted for the former when asked about it.

The game was equipped with both campaign game modes and multiplayer modes. Players opting for the former, of course, would have set missions, a definite plotline to follow, and restrictions on the number of units they could deploy on particular missions. Choosing multiplayer gaming gave players the option to play as Soviet Union commanders and exclusive access to units and features depending on the roles they selected prior to the game (they could choose air or support roles, for instance).

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Last updated: : August 21, 2014