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WordPerfect Office

If you are looking for WordPerfect Office, you have come to the right place. We explain what WordPerfect Office is and point you to the official download.

What is WordPerfect Office?

The WordPerfect Office is a suite of office productivity applications by Corel that includes several key applications. At the core of the suite is WordPerfect, followed by Quattro Pro for spreadsheets, Presentations (slide show application similar to PowerPoint), Lightning (a digital notebook similar to OneNote), Nuance PaperPort (a document manager), Mozilla Firefox (web browser), and WinZip (a file compression and archival tool). Other utilities include tools and other stand-alone applications for use with WordPerfect, including a LAN email facility.

WordPerfect is the predecessor of most word-processing software in the market today, and Microsoft Word owes its existence from the innovations that WordPerfect has contributed to the field. WordPerfect, now owned by Corel corporation, first saw the light of day on 1979 for exclusive use at a university, and was later sold commercially under its current name in 1980. WordPerfect was first marketed to DOS in 1982, and has since enjoyed immense popularity especially after its feature set was found to be richer and more extensive than the earlier word processor for DOS, WordStar. WordPerfect was the first word-processing software that has achieved a de facto standard in computing, after which it was displaced by Microsoft Word in the 90s. Although WordPerfect is still maintained by Corel, its current owner, it only has a minimal market share (in what was once a field it dominated), and its only advantage against its prime competitor is that it is available in a wider range of systems than Microsoft Word.

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Last updated: : June 26, 2012