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Wondershare PDF Editor

If you are looking for Wondershare PDF Editor, you have come to the right place. We explain what Wondershare PDF Editor is and point you to the official download.

What is Wondershare PDF Editor?

The Wondershare PDF editor is a PDF reading and editing software. It was developed by Wondershare. It is very essential for offices, organizations and companies that have paperwork, forms and documents every day. This tool helps get the work done easily.

Wondershare PDF editor can convert, edit and create PDF files. It can edit documents coming from Microsoft Office. The software supports files from Microsoft Word in which the user can edit and add watermarks without the original formatting being affected. PDF spreadsheets can also be viewed from the Microsoft Excel. The user can view the tables coming from the PDF and edit the data in it. The formatting and arrangements will not be affected. It also has digital stamp templates wherein the user can add "Approved", "Rejected", "Revised" remarks in the background of the document. The Wondershare PDF Editor can also make PDF images. It supports JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF and BMP formats. On the other hand, the software can also convert those PDF files into image files.

Apart from this, the Wondershare PDF editor can also create and edit forms directly. It has a selection of interactive fields to choose from such as radio buttons, edit fields, buttons, check boxes and drop down list fields. These interactive elements can be dragged and dropped into the form. By then, they can become a form template and is ready for filling up. The software also has an OCR feature in which it can recognize texts from a certain image. These texts can be edited and deleted without having the image affected.

Wondershare PDF editor also has a digital signature feature. It adds predefined signatures into the documents and forms. The user must first scan his handwritten signature, and then add them as templates in the Wondershare PDF. Aside from this, the user can add passwords to the PDF files. These restrictions are useful for administering these files against unauthorized persons.

Wondershare PDF editor runs in Windows and Mac in Tosh operating system. It supports the latest version of the OS. In addition, the software also collaborates with the major PDF readers of Adobe Corporation. This means that, the user can view files of Wondershare with Adobe reader and Acrobat alike.

Download Wondershare PDF Editor from the developer

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Download Wondershare PDF Editor (external link)


File types supported by Wondershare PDF Editor

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Last updated: : February 1, 2014