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Windows Installer

If you are looking for Windows Installer, you have come to the right place. We explain what Windows Installer is and point you to the official download.

What is Windows Installer?

The Windows Installer (formerly known as Microsoft Installer, hence its filename as MSI) is the software component responsible for the installation and uninstallation and maintenance of applications and services on the Windows operating system. MSI files (.msi) are called installation packages and Microsoft has engineered MSI to be a full-featured, stand-alone installation suite with embeddable abilities, such as custom GUI for certain applications. MSI is also used not only for the installation and removal of various software in the user’s system, but also for maintenance, as it can call up updates or reinstall the application, or its components, without having to first uninstall it.

Microsoft has been very bullish in their stand for MSI and has strongly urged all third party developers to use the MSI format. This is because this makes it easier for a PC with a unified and standard internal database structure. This means that some advanced capabilities, such as “rollback” (going back to a software’s previous version), can be made using MSI, but only through a consistent internal database which MSI can provide. In addition, MSI can also install or remove software via proxy for underprivileged users in a PC, which makes it superior to any other type of installation method.

Download Windows Installer from the developer

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Download Windows Installer (external link)


File types supported by Windows Installer

Our users primarily use Windows Installer to open these file types:

About file types supported by Windows Installer

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Last updated: : March 22, 2022