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West Case Timeline

If you are looking for West Case Timeline, you have come to the right place. We explain what West Case Timeline is and point you to the official download.

What is West Case Timeline?

The Thomson Reuters West Case Timeline program is part of the company’s legal software series. As may be guessed from its name, it is used in the creation of case timelines, with users given access to data entry tools that turn the timeline-making process into a spreadsheet-style data entry procedure, facilitating easy timeline creation and even formatting uniformity even in case of multiple users.

Case Timeline is highly interoperable—in fact, intended to be used with—Case Notebook, which is the Thomson Reuters solution for essential case management. Users of Case Notebook can actually export data from Notebook straight into Case Timeline, keeping all records in accord with each other. Events can be annotated and fleshed out through detailed entries, with users also given the option to create hyperlinks to other files or resources within timeline events if they feel these are relevant to the record.

Timelines created in Case Timeline can be formatted in any number of ways and fitted into any of several themes preloaded into the program. Drag and drop format description is possible, and multiple chart and chronology options are available for viewing modes.

Download West Case Timeline from the developer

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File types supported by West Case Timeline

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Last updated: : November 30, 2022