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WebView Livescope

If you are looking for WebView Livescope, you have come to the right place. We explain what WebView Livescope is and point you to the official download.

What is WebView Livescope?

The WebView Livescope software is a type of system used for video distribution. It was developed by Canon. Live video is caught by the camera, and can be shared through the Internet or Intranet and viewed on a computer. WebView Livescope’s most distinctive feature is that the viewer can remotely control the camera.

The plan for connecting the camera server to a network is nearly similar to that of a standard PC-LAN connection. The camera server needs at least one global IP address. Users will be able to set the size of the video capture, its quality, and the amount of clients that can access the webcam at the same time. They can also control the frame rate on the camera’s server. Through modifying these values, users will be able to lessen the load of traffic. In an Internet environment, the frame rate will depend on the line bandwidth, as well as the listed parameters. The first parameter is the VB101 settings (capture size, quality of video, and amount of simultaneous clients). The second is line connections between the Internet and the camera server. Third is the bandwidth of the line between the Internet and the viewer PC, as well as the load condition of the PC being utilized. The last one is the routing condition of the Internet.

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Last updated: : September 9, 2014