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What is Waterfox?

Waterfox is a Mozilla Firefox-based web browser developed especially for 64-bit architectures. The program was created using the C++ programming language compiler from Intel with the express intent of creating a web browser not only compatible with 64-bit Windows systems but also capable of taking advantage of their more powerful architecture. Since Mozilla Firefox is technically provided specifically for 32-bit systems, Waterfox is supposedly a 64-bit solution with all the same features as Firefox, only modified in order to support the power of 64-bit computers.

All the add-ons that can be used for Firefox are compatible with Waterfox. However, due to the differing architectural specifications, users will find that non-64-bit plug-ins will not run with the program. The program’s developers have stated that the primary means of measuring their success in creating a 64-bit-specific browser has been speed, so the program’s design is tailored towards high-performance browsing with hardly any lags, jitters, or browser loading issues in the experience. Heavy multi-tab and multi-tasking browsing usage should feel less cumbersome with the software, according to the developers, who have optimized Waterfox to deliver all the requirements of a web browser with the “nitro-boost” of 64-bit’s power.

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