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What is VTFEdit?

Developed and published by Neil Jedrzejewski & Ryan Gregg, VTFEdit functions primarily as a LGPL programming library that is open source in nature. It is originally developed with simple features such as the capability to open and then save files in .vmt and .vtf formats. It can also be used with third party platforms as the basic library functions are considered independent. This platform can also be used with game source engines with or without the presence of Steam.

VTFEdit basically includes GPL applications which are comparable to the source SDK of Valve Utility. It likewise offers API that enables users to write as well as decode files without the need of reformatting and revalidation. Systems based on hierarchical nodes can be used to navigate any given XML file as long as this programming library is installed. Once launched in the system, this programming library can be configured, set, or even parented only as needed by any other existing application used.

VTFEdit is also capable of decoding binary data. A third party library can also be set up and used to as to read other image formats.

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File types supported by VTFEdit

Our users primarily use VTFEdit to open these file types:

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