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VT Transaction

If you are looking for VT Transaction, you have come to the right place. We explain what VT Transaction is and point you to the official download.

What is VT Transaction?

VT Transaction (more properly, VT Transaction+) is a Windows-based bookkeeping program. It supports the quick entry of accounting data by integrating auto-complete technology and direct-from-bank-statement data entry. Users can also copy and paste accounting data from other spreadsheet programs or files directly into the program’s input screen. The spreadsheet data entry interface also supports fast editing and entry deletion. The software supports multiple bank accounts, with no limits on the number of accounts set up on the program, and it is possible to reconcile banks on the books as well.

While other accounting programs might require the user to set up the end of the year, VT Transaction does not, automatically setting year-ends. Users can easily move from one financial year to another too. Moreover, users are given the ability to prevent unauthorized or even accidental edits to their ledgers by locking periods, whether with password protection or not. The program can format profit and loss entries in tax return style and export them to tax programs, supports sales invoicing, can handle an unlimited number of clients and customers, and has support for multiple currencies.

Download VT Transaction from the developer

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Last updated: : August 21, 2014