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Voltage Encryption

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What is Voltage Encryption?

Voltage Security provides data-centric security software solutions to shield data across cloud, enterprise, mobile devices, and big data environments. Voltage Security offers various types of encryption such as the Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) which is a new approach to encrypting structured data, such as credit card or Social Security numbers. FPE incorporates data-level encryption into legacy business application frameworks that were previously hard to address.

Another type of encryption is the Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) which introduces a fresh approach to the problem of encryption key management. IBE, enables data protection without the need for certificates by using any arbitrary string as a public key. Protection is supplied by a key server that controls the dynamic generation of private decryption keys. These keys correspond to public identities and the key servers base root key material. Furthermore, the Page-Integrated Encryption™ (PIE) encrypts delicate user data in the browser, and allows that data to move encrypted through intermediate application tiers. PIE integrates via a Javascript library and a single API call within the web page itself. The PIE system converts data with host-supplied single use keys.

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File types supported by Voltage Encryption

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Last updated: : September 19, 2014