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VNC Viewer Free Edition

If you are looking for VNC Viewer Free Edition, you have come to the right place. We explain what VNC Viewer Free Edition is and point you to the official download.

What is VNC Viewer Free Edition?

The VNC Viewer Free Edition is viewer program to conduct Virtual Network Computing activities. It is created by RealVNC, the inventor of the remote access technology and patented VNC.

VNC or Virtual Network Computing system is a software designed to manage a computers in a remote location using another computer. The computer used to control the other one acts as the server and can view and interact with the other computer using the Internet and a simple program. This program for viewing and managing the remote computer is called a VNC Viewer.

The VNC Viewer Free Edition enables users to deploy virtual network computing functions without the need to purchase a licensed VNC viewer. This makes remote computer management available for individuals, home use and even for small businesses.

Industries supported by the VNC Viewer Free Edition include home-based businesses like programming, data entry, translation, transcription and editing, among many others. An important function of the VNC Viewer Free Edition is enabling on-the-spot checking of activities and projects being done on the remote computer. With this, easy assistance, tutorial and personal guides can be shared and applied at once, real time.

The VNC Viewer Free Edition also supports HR-related functions like ensuring work hour quota fulfilments, non-transfer of work assignments and timely submission of works and projects. Trial versions are available for free download while complete packages are available for purchase.

Download VNC Viewer Free Edition from the developer

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Download VNC Viewer Free Edition (external link)


File types supported by VNC Viewer Free Edition

Our users primarily use VNC Viewer Free Edition to open these file types:

About file types supported by VNC Viewer Free Edition

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Last updated: : July 18, 2012