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Visual Roadway Lighting Tool

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What is Visual Roadway Lighting Tool?

The Visual Roadway Lighting Tool (or more properly, the Visual Roadway Tool) is a part of the Visual lighting design program. The main tool is a means for visually planning out lighting installations of all types. It is composed of several tools for that purpose and one of them is the Roadway Tool, which was designed to function as an automatic spacing optimizer for lighting that is to be installed alongside roads. The utility runs off algorithms that take into account the standards specified by the North American Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). It also supports loading of new IES files by users for improved performance.

The tool assumes that the roadway whose illumination is being planned is continuous as well as straight and flat—if it is not, it may not work as intended. The specific procedure used for its calculations is in the IES document IES RP-8-2000 (updated to reflect the 2007 corrections for it). The tool also requires the user to enter criteria values such as luminance averages and minimums in order to do its work and return the optimal spacing values to the user.

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Last updated: : July 7, 2014