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What is VisiLogic?

VisiLogic is a software tool that is made to create control projects for Vision controllers. After planning a control task, VisiLogic can be used to debug, write, and download the PLC control and HMI apps inside the controller. The PLC application is controlled by the user, or an automation application. They can write down the PLC application by using the Ladder Editor. Meanwhile, the HMI application configures the function of the operating panel. The HMI Editor can be used to build the displays which are shown on the screen of the controller.

This software informs operators on what to do. Users can get their operators to log in by using a password and enter set points, plus other data. The operator is then instructed on what to do when it comes to a system problem or an alarm. A display can contain both images and text. Both these images and text can be fixed and variable.

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File types supported by VisiLogic

Our users primarily use VisiLogic to open these file types:

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Last updated: : September 19, 2014