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Virtual Villagers

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What is Virtual Villagers?

Wild Tangent’s Virtual Villagers 3 – The Secret City is the third outing in the famed Virtual Villagers series, where you take control of a shipwrecked group of survivors on a lonely and mysterious island. In this sequel, the mysteries of Isola (the name of the island where they washed ashore) are continued when the villagers discover an abandoned city at the north end of the island. They then decide to rebuild the city, first by electing a “chief”, or their leader, which provides a number of benefits to the villagers. This is the first game to feature a leader-type character and would be continued to the next games.

True to the Virtual Villagers formula, Virtual Villagers 3 – The Secret City is a village simulation game where you try to build and develop a small civilization a la Sid Meier’s Civilization, albeit in a far smaller and far simpler scale. You can scavenge tools and materials left around the city, repair and build huts, construct alchemical labs and other buildings that provide you with the resources needed to discover what befell the city, and how this discovery would affect them as they brave the mysteries of Isola.

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Last updated: : May 10, 2022