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Virtual Pool Hall

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What is Virtual Pool Hall?

Virtual Pool Hall was one of the PC games in the Virtual Pool series from Celeris. The games were among the best-known of all virtual pool games, especially due to the level of detail that went into their creation: physicists were even consulted to bring in real-life principles of motion for as realistic a virtual pool experience as possible. Furthermore, the games were endorsed by some recognizable names in the industry, including Jeannette Lee and Mike Sigel.

Virtual Pool Hall was one of the unnumbered editions (most editions were numbered): justifiable, perhaps, given its status as a minor “improvement” of another (numbered) edition. Virtual Pool Hall was actually a remake of Virtual Pool 2, which offered 9 pool games for players. Like Virtual Pool 2, it made use of physics-based algorithms for ball motion. It also added snooker to the options for gamers, making the number of available games 10, along with the eight-ball, nine-ball, six-ball, three-ball, ten-ball, one-pocket, rotation, straight pool, and bank pool variants. Unfortunately, it was not very well received from all quarters, as some cited its lack of engaging or challenging AI as a problem.

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Last updated: : August 13, 2014