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Variax Workbench

What is Variax Workbench?

Variax Workbench is a guitar editing software developed by Line 6. The program enables users to create custom instruments by mixing and matching a wide variety of instrument body and pickup models thereby creating unique guitar tones or celebrated classics and sometimes users can build guitar tones which cannot be found in real life. Custom tuning such as Open G, DADGAD, and Drop D among others are possible through this application.

Variax Workbench provides users a wide range of body styles—including solid, semi-hollow, hollow, acoustic, resonator and more. Likewise, the pickup options are equally diverse, allowing you to mix and match components and create combinations. The program can be used to create hybrid instruments either by using any Variax pickup model and physical James Tyler Variax guitar or blending the Variax HD signal with the magnetic pickup sound.

Variax Workbench allows users to create and save as many guitars as they want. One may opt to store them in his hard drive or share with friends via email. Users can also load saved guitars into any James Tyler Variax.

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File types supported by Variax Workbench

Our users primarily use Variax Workbench to open these file types:

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If you have additional information about which types of files Variax Workbench can process, please do get in touch - we would love hearing from you.

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