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If you are looking for uTorrent, you have come to the right place. We explain what uTorrent is and point you to the official download.

µTorrent is the standard BitTorrent client from BitTorrent, Inc., claimed to be a very fast and very small BitTorrent client. It is a simple and easy to use BT client with very little memory footprint on your computer, and its small usage of system resources enables it to download slightly faster than its competitors. Because of this µTorrent – or sometimes just called uTorrent – is the most popular BitTorrent client used around the world (except for China). First introduced in 2005, it is currently owned by BitTorrent, Inc., the pioneers of this revolutionary peer-to-peer technology, since 2006, and its code has been used to create the official client of BitTorrent since version 6.

The “µ” in uTorrent’s name is the Greek letter called “mu”, which stands for the SI prefix “micro” because it has a smaller memory and resource footprint than other BT clients.

uTorrent has received considerable positive reviews from consumers and tech experts alike both for its efficiency and performance that trumps bigger BitTorrent clients. Like the other larger clients like BitComet, uTorrent has similar features but its interface is usually more streamlined. There is also a paid version of uTorrent called “uTorrent Plus”, packaged with advanced features, released December 2011.

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Last updated: : January 13, 2023