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What is TValue?

TValue is an amortization application designed to help users in structuring such things as loan payments, leases, and the like. It can perform verification for loan balance and is capable of printing out payment schedules. It is capable too of calculating year-end interest income figures as well as internal rates of return. It is capable of generating APR and of figuring out present as well as future values.

It can calculate the officer notes for any number of payments and loans and determine what a lease’s implicit rate is. Users can also input goals into it so that it can figure out the ideal savings rules for them. Most importantly of all, it can structure and restructure loans in order to keep loan loss reserves down and can also pick the best loan structure based on users’ specified parameters.

The program can generate custom reports for users, is capable of keeping a log of irregular payments as well as changes in rates, and can display selected log intervals on demand. It can also export its data directly to office programs such as MS Word and MS Excel.

Download TValue from the developer

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File types supported by TValue

Our users primarily use TValue to open these file types:

About file types supported by TValue

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Last updated: : September 24, 2014