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What is TRM?

The TRM or Test Results Manager software from AFL Communications is intended to be used with the company’s Optical Time Domain Reflectometers and similar products: it allows the user to collect all the fiber testing data gathered by these AFL gadgets in a single place for analysis and review. There are 2 versions of the program available: the Basic and the Advanced. The features one gets are dependent on the version selected, of course.

Picking the Basic version of TRM provides users with the ability to organize results into coherent records and documents, to generate certification results as well as criteria for passing or failing certification, and to edit optical time domain reflectometers in batches. It supports the SOR formats from Telcordia and is also equipped with professional reporting tools for acceptance.

Picking the Advanced version yields much the same features, with a few more added to the mix. Microbend and macrobend analytical processes become available with the Advanced version, for example, as are two-directional trace analyses. Both of these new processes are also included in the comprehensive reporting toolset for the program, which is available in several languages.

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File types supported by TRM

Our users primarily use TRM to open these file types:

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