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What is TrayBackup?

TrayBackup is a German-language data backup utility. It is of the portable application type, i.e. it can be run without installation and thus leaves the system essentially unaltered when launched. Data backup is scalable, with the program capable of backing up individual files as well as multiple ones (as entire folders). The program has a file filtering utility that lets users perform quicker backups by simply targeting files meeting the specified parameters. It also has an option for creating backups of only those files that have been modified from a particular date onwards. It also has Unicode character support (for filenames).

The software can create a destination path automatically if it does not exist prior to specification. It also has auto-shutdown and auto-restart of the system following backup. Users can perform manual synchronization of directories being backed up to the target directories by setting the program to mimic even deletions on the original directory. The program can also copy NTFS permissions when backing up data. The name of the software derives from its icon placement on Windows: it can be integrated with the system tray for quick access.

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File types supported by TrayBackup

Our users primarily use TrayBackup to open these file types:

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