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What is TouchPlayer?

TouchPlayer is the consumer-end program for TouchDesigner projects. TouchDesigner is a development program for visual projects and animations. The output files of TouchDesigner users can be viewed using the Touch Player, which is compatible with all the file formats used by the development program: unlike TouchDesigner, however, TouchPlayer cannot edit files and can only play them. It can adjust playback settings for certain files, however.

The limit for rendering screen displays on TouchPlayer is 1280x1280. The program does not support multiple monitor viewing. It supports Drag and Drop for opening files. Its main playing interface also has a button that links the user directly to the Derivative website. There are also buttons for Play/Pause, Full Screen Mode, and the help page (this is a link to a Web page, not an inbuilt document). If the program opens a network connection, it prompts the user first to confirm that the action is desired.

The TouchPlayer program can actually display most images and video file formats without trouble, besides being able to open the TOE and TOX file formats. It is classed as freeware and is available only for Windows PCs.

Download directly from the developerDownload TouchPlayer (external link)

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