Toontrack solo

What is Toontrack solo?

The Toontrack solo program is a host for Toontrack percussion samples. It is a standalone application and can be used to enhance a live performer’s performance. For instance, drummers can use it to play back percussion samples to drum with in a percussion duet. Guitarists, on the other hand, can play along to the beats in it to get the experience of playing with another (virtual) musician.

Users are not restricted to the original samples during playback: they can take those sound clips and send them to another audio program—a mixer this time—and process the tracks further there. It can handle real-time performance use, having very low latency figures, and is equipped with support for a variety of devices, from CoreAudio devices to CoreMIDI devices, and even to ASIO devices. Users can also hook up a keyboard to serve as the controller for the device’s operation. This becomes especially important when a user is trying to run multiple instances of the program.

The application can also be run with some game controllers, including the SONY PS2 controller, the SONY PS3 controller, the Xbox controller for Rock Band 1, etc.

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