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Toon Boom Studio

What is Toon Boom Studio?

Toon Boom Studio is an animation software with multi-technique capabilities. It is developed and released by the company of the same name- Toon Boom Animation. It is designed to be used by students, experts, and other animation enthusiasts.

Toon Boom Studio is equipped with drawing tools that let users create animation without difficulty and complexity. Multi-media files can also be imported, exported, captured, and scanned using the software. Live images can also be taken using the software and file formats can also be converted automatically. One of its key features is also the presence of Bone Animation Tools that lets users animate with minimal time. It also aids users come up with a robo-skeletal template which can also be moved and manipulated. Among the creative effects that can be utilized are the forces of nature such as snow, rain, cloud, thunders, and volcanic activities which can be controlled.

Toon Boom Studio has also a lip-syncing ability so dialogues and sound effects can be used and synchronized. These effects can also be obtained directly from the library of templates that come with the software upon installation. Projects generated using the software can be shared via the Web or can also be published and printed.

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