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What is Tixati?

Tixati is a free BitTorrent client that allows users to download and upload files from/to a P2P network. It is completely free of advertisements and works on any of the following operating systems: Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Fedora.

Like most of its contemporaries, Tixati is capable of providing users with specifics such as the number of peers and trackers there are for a particular torrent, as well as providing information on files within the torrent. It also has the standard progress bar for download monitoring. Users can see which peers have which pieces of the file being downloaded, if desired. Besides these features, the program encrypts P2P connections to protect users from external threats and also offers users options for bandwidth allocation and throttling. Unlike many of its competitors, it also permits the user to transfer files across partitions without interrupting their download progress.

The program supports magnet links as well as Distributed Hash Table technology. It can also provide users with precise info on their torrent traffic and has advanced peer choking solutions to ensure that downloads proceed as smoothly as possible.

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File types supported by Tixati

Our users primarily use Tixati to open these file types:

About file types supported by Tixati aims to be the go-to resource for file type- and related software information. We spend countless hours researching various file formats and software that can open, convert, create or otherwise work with those files.

If you have additional information about which types of files Tixati can process, please do get in touch - we would love hearing from you.

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