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If you are looking for TI-SmartView, you have come to the right place. We explain what TI-SmartView is and point you to the official download.

What is TI-SmartView?

TI-SmartView is a software which emulates the TI-83 Plus, as well as the TI-84 Plus families of graphing calculators found on a PC or a Mac. This makes it an ideal demonstration device for classroom instruction of math and science concepts. This program allows teachers or instructors to present an interactive representation of the calculator’s display to the whole class. Teachers can also give a clear and easy way for students to follow along through displaying key press sequences. Users can create their class handouts by copying and pasting key presses into other applications.

TI-SmartView can show many representations of tables, graphs, equations, list windows and STAT plot screens all at the same time. This helps students build a deeper understanding of topics. The drag screen feature easily shifts screen captures from the TI-SmartView to compatible applications, including Microsoft Word. Users can connect to the CBL 2 or the CBR 2 data collection systems, and let their students learn how math and science can affect the world that surrounds them, through developing hypotheses, holding experiments and generating conclusions. The emulator software can integrate easily with projection systems, so that they can be examined by the whole class. Users can modify the location of the emulator and toolbars to customize for use in their interactive whiteboard.

Download TI-SmartView from the developer

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File types supported by TI-SmartView

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About file types supported by TI-SmartView

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Last updated: : September 17, 2014