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ThinkPad UltraNav Wizard

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What is ThinkPad UltraNav Wizard?

The ThinkPad UltraNav Wizard is a program offered for free by Lenovo to users of its ThinkPad products. It is used for configuring the settings on UltraNav, the cursor control system implemented on ThinkPad laptops. UltraNav is a system that combines both the traditional ThinkPad TrackPoint and a new configurable touchpad. The TrackPoint, of course, is the red “button” below the G and H keys on the ThinkPad keyboard. Traditionally used by Lenovo users as an alternative to the mouse and trackpad technology, many of today’s ThinkPads pair it with an actual trackpad with programmable features for added control—the result is UltraNav.

The UltraNav Wizard helps users program special settings into the touchpad of their laptops. An example of a configuration that may be enabled with the help of the program is that of having the touchpad ignore accidental contact. This can be useful for those whose wrists or thumbs often touch the area of contact by accident, sometimes pressing the wrong buttons on the screen as a result.

The UltraNav Wizard was created for Windows XP and Windows 2000 users. Some of the systems supported are the ThinkPad R40, R50, and R60.

Download ThinkPad UltraNav Wizard from the developer

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Last updated: : August 5, 2014