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testo IRSoft Software

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What is testo IRSoft Software?

The IRSoft software is created to assist users in analyzing, processing and archiving the images captured by the testo 880 thermal imager. The PC software IRSoft allows users to evaluate infrared images and at the same time produce an integrated report in order to present a clear data. The settings can be executed on the connected thermal imager by using the instrument control. The IRVid software, which is automatically installed, is used to transmit a video stream of the existing thermal imager view to the PC.

The Testo IRSoft thermography analysis software allows thermal images to be evaluated on a PC because of its clear structure that is easy to understand. All Testo thermal imagers are equipped with the complete software functions. The Testo IRSoft software has Extensive investigative functions for professional thermal image processing. The thermography analysis software helps to visualize dangerous temperatures in the image, overshooting and undershooting of limit values along with highlighting the pixels in a specific temperature range. In addition, it can also set several measuring points without any limitations, identify hot/cold spots and give explanations on the completed thermographic application.

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Last updated: : September 19, 2014