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What is Terragen?

Planetside Software’s Terragen is a scenery maker available for both Windows and Mac users. Both are capable of creating highly photorealistic renders of generated scenery, from landscapes to water horizons. While the generated imagery is 3D, the starting input is actually 2D: a heightmap. Heightmaps, digital elevation models and other similar surface guides can be used by the program as a starting point for its renders. Terragen-generated scenery has been used for various professional media, including 3D games, films, and magazines.

There are two versions of it: one is free (or some editions of it are) and the other is a commercial version. The former, the Creative editions, are available in one free option and 2 paid options. The latter, the Professional editions, are available in 2 options, with both having zero restrictions on the level of detail for images, image antialiasing, and image resolution. 2D and 3D motion blurring as well as animation details are only available as features on the most expensive Professional version, however. As for the cheapest free (Creative) version, it has a restriction of up to 1280x900 when it comes to output resolution.

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