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If you are looking for TeraCopy, you have come to the right place. We explain what TeraCopy is and point you to the official download.

What is TeraCopy?

TeraCopy is a free software (or "freeware") developed for the Microsoft Windows platform and is used to move, copy, and cut and paste computer files saved on a hard disk, and is meant to replace the cut/copy and paste functions included in a Microsoft Windows installations. This is so because TeraCopy is designed to be faster and more reliable than the traditional method, and includes much more functions and anti-redundancy tools than the native tool. The way it does this is revolutionary and the software boasts of an innovative dynamically adjusted frame buffers to reduce hard disk seek times, coupled with an asynchronous file transfer system between two physical hard drives (or even the same hard drive with two or more different partitions). The process in this regard, using TeraCopy, can be paused and resumed, unlike the native Windows operations. TeraCopy also has full Unicode support.

TeraCopy is also able to work around errors in transferring and copying files, with several attempts to transfer the offending file/s. After several attempts have been made and the file still hasn't been transferred, it skips that file and resumes with the rest, although it will log the faulty file and the file transfer operation itself and will provide the user the opportunity to retransfer the file should they choose to do so.

Download TeraCopy from the developer

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Download TeraCopy (external link)


File types supported by TeraCopy

Our users primarily use TeraCopy to open these file types:

Some users also use TeraCopy to open these file types:

About file types supported by TeraCopy

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Last updated: : December 30, 2023