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What is SystemArchitect?

System Architect from Harman (HiQnet) is a legacy program that was used for configuring audio systems and managing audio software. The program allows the user to automate many aspects of sound system design and control by “familiarizing” the software with audio device uses. The program represented objects in the audio venue in a diagram format to allow better understanding of their utility and positions.

System Architect also allowed the user to create customized virtual panels or control interfaces for use on mobile devices. These could be transferred to portable i-devices using the HiQnet Motion Control application that was offered to iOS users. HiQnet’s System Architect was built on an open-architecture platform.

The program has since been replaced by an enhanced and rebranded version called the HiQnet Audio Architect, although legacy copies of System Architect are still available for download. The new version (Audio Architect) shares much the same functionalities as System Architect but adds support for a broader selection of devices and transports and has also been integrated with the BSS Audio Soundweb London DSP system. As with System Architect, Audio Architect has built-in compatibility with the Motion Control app for iOS.

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