Super Collapse! Unlimited

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What is Super Collapse! Unlimited?

Super Collapse! Unlimited is the full, paid version of the Super Collapse! game. The program is for PC gamers using Windows computers with Windows ME, XP or 2000. It was developed by GameHouse Inc. and belongs to the tradition of 16-bit puzzle games. Gameplay with Super Collapse! essentially requires the player to inspect the blocks on the screen for groups of at least 3 adjacent blocks having the same hue. These can be exploded (collapsed) in order for the player to gain points.

The game can be played in either Quest (Adventure) mode or Quick Play mode, with the former offering several worlds (or environments, as they are called in the game) for users who have purchased the full version. Users can gain in-game credits or coins in order to purchase power-ups for their game. The full version provides unlimited play and access to all possible levels and worlds in the game. The trial version, by contrast, does not allow access to all the Super Collapse! worlds and also has a limit on gameplay. Users with the full version can also post their high scores and compare themselves to other players on the Web.

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Last updated: : June 21, 2014