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SteelSmart System

If you are looking for SteelSmart System, you have come to the right place. We explain what SteelSmart System is and point you to the official download.

What is SteelSmart System?

SteelSmart System is a program from Applied Science International that functions as a design and analysis tool for steel frames used in building construction. The software provides the user with vital information regarding load balance and distribution, based on the ASCE 7 Standard. ASCE 7 Standard outlines the parameters for design loads for buildings, and other applicable structures.

There are six modules included in the software, each one specific to the type of steel frame that will be detailed and analyzed. These six modules are the following: curtain wall, load bearing wall, x-brace shear wall, roof truss, roof joist, floor framing and moment-resisting short wall. Each module contains several applications that will enable the user to design a frame suitable for the structure, and compliant with the parameter standards.

Plug-ins are likewise provided for the software to expand its capabilities. Plug-ins include Load Generator & Distributor, Layout & Details Generator, and Extreme Loading for Structures. The software and plug-ins are all available at the developer’s website.

SteelSmart System is enabled to run on Windows computers only. It is most compatible with Windows 2000, XP Professional, XP Home Edition, Vista Ultimate and Windows 7.

Download SteelSmart System from the developer

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Last updated: : April 2, 2013