What is StampEditor?

The BlueBeam Stamp Editor is an application that makes it feasible to design and save custom stamps for use in PDF markup or certification. It is also possible to make alterations to an existing stamp using the software.

The Stamp Editor is actually accessible directly from the Revu program. Users need only look for the stamp icon, which allows them to choose any stamp from the 16 preloaded ones (or to import them from another location). While the user can decide to use the stamps as they are, he can also make alterations through Stamp Editor, which offers myriad markup selections for customizing stamps: users can adjust stamp shape, blending rates in application to the document, stamp colors, or even add new graphic elements to the stamp by importing them. Graphics and text can be imported for use in building custom stamps, and users can either add them to an existing stamp or save them as a stamp in themselves. The program also has a drop-down menu for selecting the precise size of the stamp being generated, whether it is to be measured in pixels, inches or centimeters.

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Download StampEditor (external link)

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File types supported by StampEditor

Our users primarily use StampEditor to open these file types:

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