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SSuite Office Software

If you are looking for SSuite Office Software, you have come to the right place. We explain what SSuite Office Software is and point you to the official download.

What is SSuite Office Software?

The SSuite Office Software series encompasses a range of freeware programs that include SSuite Wordgraph, SSuite Accel Spreadsheet, SSuite Ex-lex Office Pro, SSuite Excalibur, SSuite Mono Base, SSuite Office – Premium HD, and SSuite FaceCom Portal. The programs are essentially freeware alternatives for all the essential office programs that computer owners need, but often have to pay for, e.g. Microsoft Word (the counterpart being Wordgraph) and Microsoft Excel (matched by Accel Spreadsheet). The SSuite programs are compatible with all the popular formats used by their paid counterparts and can create files using them, e.g. Wordgraph can output DOC files.

The programs were developed for Windows systems and have been created such that they run natively on the systems’ code base, resulting in fewer operations and CPU cycles for the system using them. By contrast, many of the other freeware office suites rely on another code base—usually Java—on top of the WIN32 API structure, resulting in more computer processes, memory use, and power drain. The SSuite Office programs are thus claimed to consume fewer system resources and demand less electrical power of computer systems than their competitors.

Download SSuite Office Software from the developer

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File types supported by SSuite Office Software

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About file types supported by SSuite Office Software

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Last updated: : June 21, 2014