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What is SPSS?

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a product line from IBM that consists of several software programs intended primarily to perform predictive analyses of historical and current data, to provide the user with solid information regarding their business or industry trends, or customer behavior. This information can then be utilized by the business owners in their decision-making process.

The software suite provides the user with a range of specialized tools that allow for data mining (IBM SPSS Data Collection) and statistical analysis (IBM SPSS Statistics). Predictive models enable the user to review behavioral patterns, lifestyles, opinions and preferences of clients, both past and present. By analyzing predictive models, the user is able to recognize risks and opportunities for the business.

Other programs included in the SPSS suite are IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM Analytical Decision Management and IBM ShowCase. Each of these programs also consists of several other sub-categories. For instance, with IBM SPSS Modeler, program options include Modeler Premium, Modeler Professional, Modeler Server, and Modeler for Linux on System z. Under IBM SPSS Statistics, options include IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics, SPSS Advantage for Microsoft Excel, SPSS Amos and SPSS Bootstrapping.

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File types supported by SPSS

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