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Solitaire City

What is Solitaire City?

Digital Smoke’s Solitaire City is a collection of digital solitaire card games equipped with an online competitive scoring system as well as high-end graphics for solitaire games. There are dozens of game choices as well as settings on the program for solitaire addicts. Card manipulation has some realism built into it, as players see from cards’ interaction with the cursor. The program also has an option for showing a player the move—a useful tip when players are running out of ideas.

Players’ games and scores are instantly uploaded to the Web database when the user is online so that players around the world can see the highest scorers for the day—the database automatically tallies data to show the top scorers. Winning a solitaire game gets the player fireworks (digital ones, of course). Users also get varied cardset options for their play, including jumbo and king-size options: these are downloadable from the developer at no cost to the player. The program is available in iterations for both Windows and Mac OS X and comes with multi-level undo as well as free and unlimited tech support. It also comes with wizards that teach players the rules of solitaire games.

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