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What is SmartPixel?

SmartPixel lets people make videos for webcams, tutorials, home videos, and video games so they can upload them to Youtube through screen capturing and video editing tools. It is a type of video editing software and screen recording software.

SmartPixel has been integrated with D3D video capture modes and a screenshot option, making it compatible with most PC games. Gamers can capture video games easily because of its game recorder. It has a webcam recording tool solely used for recording videos. This tool has video effects and vocal removing, with a lyrics input, allowing users to create their own Karaoke videos or music videos. The SmartPixel’s video editor tool has some useful editing functions and lets users trim, crop, and combine two or more video clips for rich video effects. Rich video effects like text, frame border, light, pendants, audios, and filters are contained inside the Smartpixel library. Users can add these effects and subtitles into their video clips while editing, or creating photo slide shows. The SmartPixel allows budding video editors to make films and videos without any hassle at all.

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