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What is Skulltag?

Skulltag was a multiplayer port of the Doom engine’s source code. It was itself derived from 2 other ports of the game, GZDoom and ZDoom. Due to its origins, the modification supported many of the features found in the other two ports, such as the transparent walls in ZDoom. It featured at least 5 multiplayer modes and even more teamplay options. It also had special bots that could function as effective players for the Deathmatch mode.

The port retained all the standard weapons from the original game. It also added a few original items, including a Minigun with twice the firing rate of the Chaingun and a cooldown feature, a Railgun with multiple-foe penetration and a damage rate of 200 per enemy, a Grenade Launcher, and a BFG 10K equipped with fast-firing and area-damaging ammo as well as a cooldown feature. There were also new monsters in the port, including one with an original sprite.

In the wake of several controversies among the developers (as well as the creator) of the port, however, Skulltag was closed and its community transferred to a new port, Zanondrum.

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Last updated: : July 11, 2014