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Simulator GSO

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What is Simulator GSO?

The PowerWorld Simulator (Simulator GSO), is an interactive power system simulator software suite. It has that simulates high voltage power system operation that operates from a few minutes to several days. It has a power flow analysis package; it solves systems of up to 250000 buses.

PowerWorld Simulator has several features: an intuitive graphical user-interface (GUI); a model explorer; solutions options; presentation tools; animated diagrams; contingency analysis; geographic information systems (GIS); time-step simulation; automated diagram creation and modification tool; area generation control (AGC); difference flows; script actions; and customer support, as well as several other features.

The simulator package can also be included with several add-ons: available transfer capability that determines the maximum MW transfer that can be done between two parts of the power system that does not present any violations; distributed computing that leverages multi-processor hardware and network resources, enabling faster analysis; geomagnetically induced currents that models and evaluates risks that geomagnetic disturbances create such as solar storms; integrated topology processing for three level planning and operations, namely format, model, and application environment; optimal power flow analysis tool; power automation; transient and voltage stability.

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Last updated: : August 5, 2014