Signature Greetings

What is Signature Greetings?

The Print Shop Signature Greetings software was developed by Broderbund Software, Inc. It was a type of personal design project software that was marketed to PC users and which came with its own troubleshooting guide, an instruction manual for the application itself, a registration card and a graphic reference book that was nearly 100 pages long.

The program was basically used to design unique and personalized but professional-looking greeting cards. Composition was largely a matter of compilation and arrangement, with users selecting the specific objects that they wanted to go into their greeting card designs and arranging them on a digital card layout. The program had more than 100 fonts, thousands of card types and images, hundreds of backgrounds and even more high quality photos—all of which could be added to a greeting card project as desired. It was designed for the Windows 95 operating system and as such has what one would now consider being very low system requirements: it needed processors of only 33MHz, 16 MB of RAM, and 24 MB of available hard drive space. It was originally released in the late 90s.

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