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If you are looking for Scratch, you have come to the right place. We explain what Scratch is and point you to the official download.

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a development of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab with the financial assistance of Microsoft, National Science Foundation, Intel Foundation, Google, MacArthur Foundation, Iomega and the research consortia of MIT Media Lab. It lets you create, program and share your projects of interactive music, games, art and stories. It enables its community of creators especially the young ones to learn mathematical concepts and computations while developing systematic reasoning, creative thinking and collaborative working. Its features include Research that contains presentations and documents about Scratch, News that contain Scratch stories in the media, Donate for Scratch project support, and Educators for information about those who teach using Scratch.

The steps to get started with using Scratch are: 1> Start Moving:You drag a ?move? block [left on the screen] into the Scripts space on the right. Click the block for the cat [animal character on the screen] to move. 2> Add Sound: Drag a ?play drum? [it has a pull-down menu with different choices for your drums] and snap it below the ?move? block. Click to listen. 3> Start A Dance: Add another ?move? block under the ?play drum?, then type a [-] minus sign. Click any of your blocks to run your stack. Add another ?play drum? with a drum of your choice. Click to run.4> Again and Again: Drag a ?forever? block to the top of your stack, then wrap it around your other existing blocks by picking and pulling it from the top. Click any block to run your stack. A ?stop? button on top your screen allows you to stop. 5> Green Flag: Snap a ?green flag? block on top of your forever block. The ?green flag? will start your scrip every time you click it. To stop, click the ?stop? button. 6> Change Color: Drag ?change effect? block to your screen [below your stack]. Choose the color you want from its pull-down menu. Click to see the effect. 7> Key Press: Snap a ?key press? block to your screen. Choose a key from the menu. Press the command key to see the effect. For example, press the space bar on your keyboard if you choose space. 8> Add Sprite: A Sprite is an object in your Scratch. To add, you choose from 3 buttons: paint your own sprite, choose new sprite from file and get surprise sprite. Then, go to People folder. Select ?jodi1?. 9> Explore: Command your sprite. You can click the ?looks? category to get a ?say? block. Click it and type words. Try ?think? block also. Create image effects by choosing effects from the change menu. 10> Explore More: Add sound by clicking the ?sounds? category. You may record your own or import an audio file in AIF, MP3 or WAV format. Switch back to scripts category. Drag your ?play sound? block into the scripts screen. Switch between costumes to animate your sprite, and you may add a costume by clicking the ?costumes? tab. To add another costume, click ?import?. For your sprites, you choose your own photo, letters of your name, or any image. When you want to create a new project, just select ?New? from File menu. To share your project, click ?Share?.

Download Scratch from the developer

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Last updated: : October 18, 2012