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RivaTuner Application

What is RivaTuner Application?

The RivaTuner Application is a tuning utility for display adapters based on either NVIDIA’s GeForce series or ATI’s Radeon series. Some features of display adapters are more or less “hidden” and are often not included in the official documentation for the products: RivaTuner resolves this by providing access to all display adapter features, allowing users to customize display settings and achieve maximum display optimization as a result. Another application of the software is in adjusting display settings to achieve optimum compatibility with certain programs: users can save their configurations and set them to activate for specific applications (the ones for which they were created).

The RivaTuner also includes tools for diagnosing issues as well as keeping an eye on hardware performance. There is an integrated registry editor as well as an engine for patching. While it is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista, it must be mentioned that it is not compatible with laptops and other portable devices. This is because such devices typically use the M-letter or mobile versions of NVIDIA’s GPU’s, which are not compatible with the tuning utility.

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