What is RichCopy?

Microsoft’s RichCopy is a copy utility program that speeds the normal copying process and is up to eight times faster; this is done by using multi-threading technology. It was originally used as an internal tool for Microsoft in 1996 and was later made available to the public for free. The software also has a graphical user interface (GUI) in contrast to RoboCopy which is a command-line utility. Additionally, RichCopy can also be faster than both RoboCopy and XCOPY.

Key features in the software include several profile creation with tailored settings, copying from multiple locations to a single destination, file filtering based on the date and other parameters, has command-line support, pausing and resuming file copying, and multi-threading.

RichCopy however, has a discontinued support from Microsoft and its latest version is 4.0.217, a version released in the year 2009; there are still bugs in the software even with the last update. The bugs, however are easily overcome by experienced users who can verify copy operations. A main defect still in the software is that it will not copy files that are opened with certain combinations of file sharing attributes.

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File types supported by RichCopy

Our users primarily use RichCopy to open these file types:

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