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RETScreen ProjectForm

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What is RETScreen ProjectForm?

The RETScreen Project database allows the user to open built-in project examples from a series of “templates”, “case studies”, or user-defined projects, when the software’s input and output cells automatically switch directly to the project that was chosen. RETScreen is also a clean energy software package developed by the Government of Canada. This includes RETScreen Version 4, and RETScreen Plus. RETScreen is an Excel-based clean energy project analysis software tool that helps decision makers determine the technical and financial viability of potential renewable energy, energy efficiency, and cogeneration, including combined heat and power projects.

RETScreen Plus is also a Windows-based energy management software tool that allows project owners to verify the ongoing energy performance of their facilities. This software integrates a number of databases to assist the user. This includes a global database of climatic conditions that were obtained from ground-based stations, as well as NASA’s satellite data, benchmark database, project database, hydrology database, and product database. The software also includes clean energy policy and legal toolkits, as well as a large amount of multilingual and multimedia training material.

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Last updated: : February 3, 2014