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Relius Government Forms

If you are looking for Relius Government Forms, you have come to the right place. We explain what Relius Government Forms is and point you to the official download.

What is Relius Government Forms?

The Relius Government Forms from SunGard is a tool that lets the user create forms that are EFAST approved for an efficient process. It has many package versions; 5500, 5500 enterprise edition, 5300, 1099/W-2, SAR, 1099/W-2 outsourcing, 5500 filing guide and 5500 web client. The last package is an online web collaboration tool, fully utilized online.

The software packages has several major features: automated delivery of annual 5500 filing packets; the importation and validation of recipient data in batch mode for 1099s; error checking for multiple levels with entry validation; complete IRS, DOL, and PBGC instructions that are available online; files to the DOL/IRS for Forms 5500, 5500-EZ and all related schedules electronically; offline training through a combination of in-person and instruction-led sessions; and filing guides. Some added features also include automatic data import, custom formatting and wording options, default data and exporting options, batch printing, and dynamic text. The overall features let the user automatic plan instructions extraction from 5500 forms and schedules created within Relius Government Forms 5500, makes plan information available for both in summary format and modifiable and printable prior to merging with SAR/notice text, editing and viewing multiple SAR/notices at the same instance, and among other things.

Download Relius Government Forms from the developer

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Last updated: : December 7, 2022