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Reflection FTP Client

What is Reflection FTP Client?

Reflection FTP Client is one of the two File Transfer Protocol platforms designed and published by the software company Attachmate which targets to provide users a more advanced functionality as compared to traditional FTPs.

The software is intended to be used as a File Transfer Technology that can be used particularly for businesses. The functionality of this software addresses common business problems related to bigger files, dwindling budgets, as well as system security. Transferring of files can be performed with monitored and automated delivery. The software is also equipped with technology that lets businesses benefit from authentication of multi-level.

Reflection FTP Client is also developed for ensure IT security. This is achieved with the use of system management that is performed remotely. SSH is also one of the components utilized by the software to ensure IT security and streamlined file transfer activity. The application access of the platform is also based on TCP and IP.

Reflection FTP Client is likewise capable of sending alerts as well automatic conversion of protocols. Aside from the basic FTP capabilities, this software can also be used for reporting, simplified scripting, and detailed auditing.

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File types supported by Reflection FTP Client

Our users primarily use Reflection FTP Client to open these file types:

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